Irish Tech News Interviews Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates about Company’s Success
January 5, 2018

Irish Tech News, dubbed by some as Europe’s version of Tech Crunch, recently highlighted Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates in an interview feature. Among other things, Gates noted that Alegion “know hows to consistently produce exemplary training data by overlaying our own AI or by using proprietary algorithms to guarantee quality of crowdsourced data, or by employing a combination of both.” 

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Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates Invited to Speak at AI Conference
December 18, 2017

Business Insider reported that Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates was invited to speak at a prestigious Artificial Intelligence Conference in Austin. The event, “Artificial Intelligence in Austin – Innovations, Startups, and Exits,” was hosted by Navidar, an investment banking firm. “AI represents a seismic shift in the way humans interact with information, resulting in efficiencies and better decisions,” according to Navidar. “To shed light on the various approaches, Navidar has assembled top Austin-based AI pioneers.”

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The AI Movement Will Create Jobs, Not Kill Them
December 12, 2017

Earlier this year, an article in IT Pro looked at the role that artificial intelligence may play in, ultimately, eliminating jobs. The authors of the article addressed the argument that “AI will decimate the economy as we know it, causing mass unemployment,” and the proponents behind that belief – Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. “AI is the next logical and technical step in automation,” they wrote in presenting their argument. “Already, it’s automating formerly manual processes in the world of tech – supposedly taking the load off IT professionals. But if the majority of your job can be…Read More

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German Newspaper Highlights Alegion for Work with Crowd
October 27, 2017

Deutsche Welle explored the role of Alegion and a couple other companies in utilizing the crowd to to enable artificial intelligence. It noted not only that Alegion is creating jobs, but educating workers so they can be more effective.

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Huffington Post Highlights Alegion
October 1, 2017

One of the Huffington Post’s most high-profile columnist has written about Alegion and the powerful role it plays in the responsible growth of the AI/ML industry. Journalist James Moore also praised Alegion for its ability to source the crowd and “turn data into the clean information needed” to fuel that growth.

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Alegion in Businessweek Magazine Feature on the Future of AI
September 7, 2017

In an insightful piece entitled “The Future of AI Depends on a Huge Workforce of Human Teachers,” Businessweek Magazine recently identified Alegion as one of the companies harnessing the crowd for AI and Machine Learning initiatives. Journalist Matthew Hutson spent hours with Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates and Vice President Chip Ray reporting for the story.

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Navidar Singles Out Alegion in Report on Developments in AI and Machine Learning
August 21, 2017

Navidar, a Registered Investment Advisor that closely tracks developments in the artificial intelligence and machine learning space, recently produced a report in that examined how “Machine Learning is Driving an Innovation Wave in SaaS Software”. In the report, Navidar singled out Alegion and its role in the industry as the consummate provider of “critical data.”

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AI Trends Features Alegion
August 11, 2017

The influential blog noted how Alegion is “making waves in the burgeoning artificial intelligence sector,” thanks to a recent round of funding and an aptitude for securing the human intelligence “that is required to enable artificial intelligence.”

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The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute Singles Out Alegion
August 9, 2017

The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute singled out Alegion for providing “a workforce that is able to assemble AI training data and scoring at scale. Using a crowdsourced workforce from services like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Alegion builds large-scale, custom datasets that brands then use to train AI algorithms.” An interview with Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates follows at the link below.

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Market Watch Announces Alegion’s Acceleration Plan
August 9, 2017

Never underestimate the importance of good training data, or as Alegion CEO Nathaniel Gates told MarketWatch: “Confidence in the training data produces confidence in the resulting model.”

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