Remove the training data bottleneck and advance your machine learning projects with our full-service image and video labeling platform.

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The accuracy and speed with which computers learn to see the world is directly correlated to the quality of your model training data. With Alegion, you get high volume training data custom-labeled and validated for your computer vision projects in a fraction of the time it takes to label them in-house.

Accelerated Data Annotation

Scale your data labeling and increase accuracy without maintaining your own annotation tools or having to label any of the data.

Task and Workforce Management

Reduce costs and de-risk your model development with custom-configured task workflows and access to a global workforce, managed by our team.

Managed Data Quality Control

Increase data accuracy through human judgment consensus, gold data, dynamic escalations, and custom adjudication strategies.

By integrating the best of human and machine intelligence, our full-service platform delivers accurate datasets to train your computer vision models and eliminate challenges in scaling your data labeling work.

Keypoint, Polygon, Bounding Box Annotation

Purpose-built tools expedite annotations, pixel-level segmentation, and classify objects into complex taxonomies.

Object Detection & Classification

Every instance of an object class is captured using task-appropriate tools and classified into your custom taxonomy.

ML-Augmented Video Object Tracking

Multiple algorithmic models are applied and evaluated to help specialists automate object tracking in high density video compositions.

Parts ID & Landmark Detection

Coordinates of landmark points are identified to detect and localize key points for facial recognition and subject intent identification.

Instance & Semantic Segmentation

Pixel-level segmentation provides detailed annotations for biomedical, retail automation, and autonomous vehicle applications

Actions & Interaction Identification

Semantic relationships between picture elements are identified in order to describe what is happening in images and videos.

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We take a solutions-first approach to solve critical data problems and make our platform work for you, not the other way around.
Share your data and project requirements with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Solution Optimization
  • Requirements consultation
  • Custom task design
  • Workflow configuration
Task Management
  • API data transfer
  • Specialized workforce curation and training
  • Global task distribution
Data Enrichment
  • Object detection and classification
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Video object tracking

Quality Verification
  • Human judgment consensus
  • Gold data
  • Confidence scoring
  • Adjudication strategy

Fortune 500 companies trust Alegion to achieve up to 99%+ data accuracy for their NLP, computer vision, and entity resolution ML projects.

And we’re proud to maintain our Net Promoter Score® of 95.

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“High-quality training data is key to the development of our Artificial Intelligence model. Alegion’s image annotation solution has accelerated our training data preparation and exceeded our accuracy requirements. Alegion’s annotation tools, machine learning assistance, and quality control strategies have greatly improved confidence in our AI initiatives.”

–Steve Muscarello, VP of Innovations and Product Development, Insurance Auto Auctions

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Stop spending Data Scientist hours deploying data labeling tasks, screening workforce skill sets, and wasting cycles trying to improve your data accuracy. Let us offload your data labeling tasks and get you back to focusing on the model development.

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