Accelerate your natural language processing (NLP) model training and train it to better perform human-like tasks with our text/audio data labeling and validation platform. 


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Interpretation of natural language is not only complex and nuanced, but can vary widely based on context, frames of reference, individual preferences, and situational constraints, to name a few. While modern machine learning models can now predict and generate text without human input, they aren’t able to achieve sophisticated tasks like sentiment analysis, intent recognition, or document classification at human-level performance without large volumes of human-labeled data. The Alegion platform integrates the best of human and machine intelligence to deliver quality training data at scale, enabling enterprises to speed time to value and broaden their NLP applications.

Hands-Off Training Data Labeling

Reclaim valuable data scientist hours with training data that’s custom-labeled for your project—without having to label any of it.

The Human Neural Network

Build advanced NLP applications with highly accurate training data, enriched by a qualified team of human specialists. 

Model Accuracy with Quality Data

Accelerate development cycles and get value out of our your NLP model more quickly with accelerated model training.

Whether it’s audio, transcription, hand-written text, or open datasets—we help you extract value out of your data quickly and at scale. Our platform and team take care of configuring the data labeling tasks and deploy them to a team of human specialists, who we train to meet your project and accuracy requirements. You get high-accuracy training data in a fraction of the time it would take to build it in-house. 




Capture complex queries into fixed classes to design interactions

Customer Service

Identify customer objectives with pattern recognition

Sentiment Analysis

Overlay human decisions to extract context and information

Virtual Assistants

Help virtual assistants deliver personalized interactions

Mobile Apps

Keep NLP-driven features up-to-date with continuous model validation

Text Moderation

Escalate inappropriate content with human judgments and reviews

Information Extraction

Extract structured information from unstructured data

Intent Recognition

Create associational relationships to identify intent

Semantic Enrichment

Infer meaning and improve content utility through text augmentation

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No need to spend data scientist and engineering hours deploying data labeling tasks, training a workforce, or spinning up multiple cycles trying to improve your training data accuracy. Share your data and project requirements with us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Solution Optimization
  • Requirements consultation
  • Custom task design
  • Workflow configuration
Task Management
  • API data transfer
  • Specialized workforce curation and training
  • Global task distribution
Data Enrichment
  • Object detection and classification
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Video object tracking

Quality Verification
  • Human judgment consensus
  • Gold data
  • Confidence scoring
  • Adjudication strategy

Fortune 500 companies trust Alegion to achieve up to 99%+ data accuracy for their NLP, computer vision, and entity resolution ML projects.

And we’re proud to maintain our Net Promoter Score® of 95.

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“Alegion gave us the scale to process thousands of social messages every day. Trying to do this internally or with an outsourced crowd wouldn’t have been logistically or financially feasible.”

–Trey Robinson, SVP Marketing, Charles Schwab

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