Our full-service platform integrates the best of machine and human intelligence to transform your raw data into model-ready training data.

Remove the training data bottleneck

Your model is as only as good as the quality of the data you feed it, yet spending 60-80% of a Data Scientist’s time preparing and labeling data isn’t a scalable solution. We’ve seen enterprises in early AI stages burn through their budget implementing an in-house data labeling solution. That’s why we’ve been taking a solution-first approach to meet complex data requirements since 2012.

Our full-service platform offloads large-scale data labeling tasks with model-ready accuracy, so that Data Science teams can stay focused on their domain expertise and increase their model confidence.

  • Annotation task design and deployment
  • Project-specific annotation tool configuration
  • Human workforce screening, training, and management
  • Data labeling for text, images, video, and audio
  • Infrastructure security management

We’ve build industry best practices by augmenting millions of pieces of data for Fortune 500 companies who trust Alegion to achieve up to 99% data accuracy for their supervised machine learning models.

  • Text and intent categorization
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Audio annotation
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Computer Vision
  • Image annotation with bounding boxes, polygons, keypoints
  • Video object tracking
  • Object ID and classification
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Entity Resolution
  • Deduplication
  • Record linkage
  • Ontology resolution
  • Data cleaning
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Our customers come to us to scale their training data and machine learning initiatives.
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Labeling task and workflow design

Our platform supports sophisticated data annotation tasks including multi-step and conditional workflows. It optimizes workflows to continually improve task efficiency and deploys tasks to trained data specialists based on skill and security requirements. The platform also includes built-in quality control processes that intelligently evaluate data specialist performance and review escalation workflows.

Flexible crowd composition

At the core of the platform is its ability to deploy data labeling tasks to a qualified team of specialists who enrich your data with human judgments. You have the flexibility to integrate Alegion’s own trained team, supply your own private crowd, or a hybrid crowd, including “bringing-your-own-crowd” of domain experts to meet your project-specific needs and security requirements like geographic isolation and data access controls.

Purpose-built annotation tools

Since training data is not one-size-fits-all, we have developed a proprietary set of labeling and annotation tools to expedite data labeling tasks for computer vision and natural language processing with greater accuracy. The ML-augmented annotation tools enable data specialists to classify, label, and segment images, videos, audio, and text, resulting in faster data processing and cost reduction without compromising on quality.

ML-augmented quality control

Predictive algorithms are used to score judgments per task and dynamically determine if additional quality control parameters like judgment consensus, gold standard data, administrative reviews, or exception handling are needed. Our confidence models continually learn from subsequent quality control stages, enabling the platform to improve accuracy on an ongoing basis without increasing time and cost.

System integration via API

Our platform supports end-to-end API integration with an enterprise’s AI infrastructure to support data exchange and flexible input/output formats. Integrating with Alegion allows Data Science teams to streamline the model training lifecycle. Data integration and batch processing via API supports initial training data creation, ongoing model scoring, as well as real-time escalation of low-confidence judgments, continuously improving model accuracy pre and post-model deployment.

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Unlike other data labeling solutions, our platform doesn’t require you to spend hours configuring labeling tasks, managing a workforce, or wasting cycles trying to improve your training data accuracy. Bring us your data and your requirements, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Solution Optimization
  • Requirements consultation
  • Custom task design
  • Workflow configuration
Task Management
  • Global task distribution
  • Specialized workforce curation and training
  • API data transfer
Data Enrichment
  • ML-augmented labeling tools
  • Human intelligence integration
  • Complex taxonomy support
Quality Verification
  • Judgment consensus
  • Gold data
  • Confidence scoring
  • Adjudication strategy
Speed Time to Value

Get value out of your projects quickly by removing data bottlenecks and increasing model confidence.

Reduce Cost of Ownership

Eliminate high in-house data labeling costs and enable your Data Scientists to focus on domain-specific tasks.

De-Risk Your Projects

Mitigate delays resulting from sub-par data with an agile AI approach and real-time API data exchange.

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