Cloud labor  brings an on-demand virtual workforce to bear against any effort.  Alegion’s flexible Cloud Labor Automation Platform can be configured to solve nearly any sourcing challenge.  Most custom project begins with a Quickstart Pilot.  The Alegion Quickstart Pilot is a 6 week long, Statement of Work (SOW) based project that demonstrates the feasibility of Cloud Labor for a specific use case. It delivers a production ready results at a fixed price and timeframe.  Following the Quickstart POC, the customer can elect to continue utilizing the service at whatever demand levels are required.

Alegion Data Solutions Products
Content Moderation

User generated content is one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Alegion’s content moderation service focuses on protecting your users and brand so you can focus on completing projects that drive results.

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Content Tagging

Customers today have a short attention span when it comes to searching for and finding information. Alegion’s tagging service organizes your content with keywords and metadata for improved search, discovery and internal management, improving your customer experience.

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Data Collection & Enrichment

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of complete and accurate data. Alegion can help you build databases, validate existing data, and even extract data from electronic documents and forms. This highly customizable task can be tailored to collect or extract the exact data you require at any volume.

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Data Categorization

Most companies today do not have a shortage of data. Instead, the problem is understanding what data you have and how to leverage it. Alegion data categorization service organizes and processes your data quickly and accurately so you can immediately utilize it for business results.

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