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User generated content allows your customers, fans and community to promote, share and interact with your brand authentically and transparently. But this comes with the risk of offensive or inappropriate content slipping through the cracks, tarnishing your brand and staying online for eternity.

Alegion’s content moderation solution monitors texts, videos, images or other types of user generated content for compliance with your company’s acceptable use policy. This simultaneously protects your brand and reputation, while preserving an expressive, safe and positive user experience.

Alegion’s elastic cloud labor platform provides 24/7 protection and unlimited flexibility to define guidelines and regulate user generated content.

Content Moderation Products
Image Moderation

Safeguard your community by filtering out content that doesn’t engage your audience.

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Video Moderation

Review your video assets for objectionable content.

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Review Moderation

Ensure that your product reviews and questions are helpful and genuine.

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Surveillance Moderation

Continuously watch and judge surveillance footage in near real time.

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Comment Moderation

Validate that comments are aligned to your community guidelines.

On Demand Scalability

Regardless of your normal content volumes, Alegion’s moderation pool can instantaneously scale to accommodate any spike in volume without prior notification.

Customizable Guidelines

Start with our default guidelines or complete your own. Alegion allows you to easily tailor moderation guidelines so that content matches your style.

Rejection Codes

Provide feedback to your users when content is rejected so that they feel informed.

Human Analysis

On its own, AI can’t match the subjectivity of humans. Combining machine and human intelligence delivers thoughtful protection for nuanced judgments.

Profile picture moderation for mobile dating app

Profile pictures are a fundamental feature of modern dating apps. Alegion’s moderation solution provides the speed and scalability required for real-time photo moderation. Our flexible approach supports highly nuanced moderation guidelines and a simple API connection allows 10s of thousands of images to be moderated every hour. This preserves your brand integrity while allowing users to find their perfect match.

Hotel Review Moderation (Photo & Comment) for a Travel Site

Travel and review aggregation sites are dependent on curating accurate and genuine reviews. Alegion provides a flexible method for site visitors and administrators to flag content for review. An efficient API connection provides moderation-as-a-service with minimal integration work. Customizable guidelines tailored to specific needs ensure that true customer sentiment can shine without objectionable or irrelevant content obscuring the view.

Real Time Surveillance Monitoring

Surveillance cameras create a large volume of real-time video and imagery capturing events. However, due to the volume of data, surveillance media is rarely examined unless a known event occurred. With the unlimited workforce of cloud labor, footage can be continuously watched and judged in near real time. Customers can customize the surveillance guidelines and provide a list of violation codes if necessary. If a violation event occurs, Alegion can send an immediate alert. Alegion moderation can achieve exceptional accuracy and provide timestamps to identify the violation in the video timeline. Alegion moderation usually takes less than 90 seconds and can process millions of records a day at near 100% quality.