Offering honest reviews of products and services lend credibility to marketplace or retailer. Today’s buyers expect to see positive and negative reviews when making buying decisions. However, the reviewer must abide by the acceptable use policies of the site to avoid abuse. Pricing data, solicitations, or irrelevant reviews must be filtered out quickly to avoid contaminating the legitimate review population. Alegion’s UGC Review Moderation solution immediately examines reviews for acceptability and can additionally provide sentiment analysis and categorization.

How it Works

The content of the review is passed by the customer to Alegion via our Categorization API. The text or media is then shown to multiple workers simultaneously and their answers are compared. If the workers have reached a unanimous consensus, the categorization result is provided back to the customer. If the workers differ on their categorization judgement, a final arbitrator is tasked to make a determination. Arbitrators or a smaller group of workers that have demonstrated exceptional quality in the use case and can be trusted to make the correct judgement. Once the judgement is accepted, all of the previous workers scores are updated and the data is passed back to the customer via API. This entire process is usually completed in just minutes regardless of volume.

Configurable Features
  • Moderation Guidelines – These are the guidelines shown to the workers that are used for both initial training and reference when performing the moderation. Customers can provide examples or even a FAQ for workers to help sort grey borderline decisions.
  • Rejection Codes – In the event that a content item does not pass moderation, workers can optionally provide a rejection code to inform the retailer of the violation.
  • Sentiment Analysis and Categorization – Optionally, Alegion can gauge the customer sentiment and provide it back as a categorized array.
  • Website Product Reviews
  • Travel Reviews
  • Lodging Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Social Media Profile Reviews
  • Vacation Rental Reviews
  • When confidential information could be present in the source content, a private crowd can be used to augment or replace the anonymous public crowd. Private crowd workers can be identifiable individuals with background checks and attestations (HIPAA, etc.) on file.