Your content is a valued asset, but the metadata that describes your content is the key to unlocking the value. Tagging appends contextual metadata to your content so it can be searched, utilized or, more importantly, monetized.

Alegion’s tagging service provides basic keywording and structured data tagging if your taxonomy is fixed. Alternatively, Alegion provides freeform keywording or conceptual tagging if you find value in a diversity of opinions, potentially allowing the crowd to determine your taxonomy over time.

Alegion’s elastic cloud labor platform utilizes either free form or structured tagging to address multiple scenarios including:

Data Labeling and Tagging Products
Image Tagging

Add compositional or conceptual attributes to bring a sense of humanity and emotion to your images.

Document Tagging

Enrich your documents by assigning attributes to help you better understand content and your customers.

Audio & Video Tagging

Identify where events occur inside of audio and video assets to improve the customer experience.

Taxonomy Generation

Not a library scientist? Let the crowd determine your taxonomy by finding patterns in the categories using free form text tagging.

Structured tagging

Upload your existing taxonomy to ensure consistency

Free-form tagging

Apply flat tagging or keywording with no hierarchy leveraging the human subjectivity

Tagging curation

Pull together and organize the best tags from the crowd

Human intelligence

Enables nuanced conceptual and compositional analysis

Image enrichment for an image licensing agency

Providing relevant results for customers who are searching for an image is critical to the customer experience. The challenge is putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and identifying every way they might search. With Alegion’s tagging service, our team can address every attribute someone may use to find an image – contextual, conceptual, descriptive and even emotional. Our human touch brings human context that otherwise cannot be identified by machines improving your customer experience and image licensing revenue.

Analyzing social media posts for a retailer

For any retailer, understanding what products your customers like and do not like is a good start. But what really brings context is understanding why. Is it too expensive? Poor quality? Difficult to assemble? Often times this information can only be found by digging deeper into customer feedback. Alegion’s tagging service scours your social media posts to better understand customer comments and feedback. As a result, your customers feel heard and you have concrete data to make better product and service decisions.

Taxonomy Generation

Digital asset management is a 21st century concern for every business. Creating value from the organization’s digital assets will allow for better utility and monetization of the assets. Unfortunately, most organizations simply do not have a standard taxonomy to overlay on their content. With Alegion’s tagging service, your taxonomy will be created by identifying trends in the worker’s free form keyword tagging. In short order, you will find a repeatable and valuable taxonomy unique to your business and content.