Whether you are gathering data from broad sources, or diving deep into a single source, data collection can be tedious, time consuming effort.  Depending on the complexity of the query or the diversity of the source, automated gathering mechanisms may not be practical.  Similarly, enriching your data is a daunting task often requiring human judgment to examine and edit or augment the data.

Alegion’s Data Collection and Enrichment solution combines Alegion’s cloud labor workforce, automation platform and professional services to create a process that exactly matches your need. Once the process has been developed and an appropriate sized group of workers qualified, data can be collected or enriched at unfathomable speeds.  Datasources with millions of records can be collected, verified, or edited quickly by leveraging the power of a scalable cloud labor workforce.

Alegion’s elastic cloud labor platform provides 24/7 protection and unlimited flexibility to define collection or enrichment tasks to provide you:

Data Collection & Enrichment Products
Data Collection

Direct an army of workers to gather data from defined data sources.

Data Research

Ask the workers to gather data based on defined methods.

Data Validation

Present data to a worker and ask them to validate it given specific criteria or research data.

Data Enrichment

Append metadata to source data through tagging, categorization, research, survey or more.

Website Extraction

Send the workers to websites to collect public data for collection or analytics.

Customizable Workflows

Work with the Alegion services team to define a workflow that accomplishes your exact business goals

Worker Group Curation

Alegion will assist in training, qualifying, and scoring workers to ensure availability of a workforce that produces exceptional quality

Unlimited Scaling

Bring 1000’s of workers to bear against huge task loads.  Collect or process data at scale using human intelligence

Perform an online search and capture the result

Often, data can be held captive in databases with rudimentary search and reporting capabilities.  Sometimes, the only way to extract the data is to input a specific search and record the results.  These efforts are time consuming and tedious.  Alegion data collection and divide the load between an army of workers making any data extraction job a snap.  Subsequent queries can be scheduled to monitor for changes in the source data.

Gather data from the Internet

Collecting or scraping data from innumerable websites requires time and effort and usually humans.  By leveraging a scalable workforce and a workflow that verifies every record for quality control, Alegion gives companies the ability to automate data capture using human effort at scale.  Alternatively, Alegion can build a process that works alongside your bots or automated processes to add quality or exception handling.

Periodic Verification of Data

The moment data is recorded, it begins to age.  Unlike wine, aged data often loses its value and accuracy.  The solution to this is the ongoing verification of data against public and private datasources.  The Alegion team can build a workflow that has workers review the existing data, compare it against known or researched sources, and update the elements with changes.  This process ensures the freshness of your data if properly scheduled and executed consistently.

Lead list building or verification

Lead list building or verification –  Always be closing may be the abc’s of selling, but unless you have the ‘good’ leads, it can be futile.  Data is only as good as its source, age, and accuracy.  Alegion can provide all three by instructing its workforce to collect, verify, and augment leads or opportunities for your business.  Want to collect the names of all of your potential customers in the US?  Need to validate your lead list to separate old contacts from new ones?  How about finding email addresses and LinkedIn profiles for your top 1000 contacts.  Alegion can leverage its army of workers and software to meet your sales data goals.