Crowdsourcing Automation Platform

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Be up and running in minutes… not months.

Alegion is an Enterprise Crowdsourcing Platform that allows businesses to integrate crowd labor within their internal business processes.  Businesses can build their own custom processes using the Alegion Workflow Designer, or they can choose from a list of best practice templates.

Alegion’s Hybrid Crowd approach combines vast public crowd worker pools with private crowds made up of internal resources such as employees all within the same process.

  • Self-Service hosted platform
  • Utility pricing with no licensing fees
  • Wizards and templates for common tasks
  • Full REST API for import and export

How can my Enterprise use Alegion?

Here are some examples of how Alegion is being used today:

Decode, classify, or categorize data

Tag your images or documents to make them searchable

Review comments, forums, and feedback for inappropriate statements

Input data from physical documents such as invoices and receipts.

Gauge consumer sentiment by reviewing social media and blog articles in real time

Improve your search algorithms


Be up and running in minutes and only pay for what you use!

Hybrid Crowd

Combine the public crowd with your internal private crowd in the same process!

Worker Groups

Communicate, reward, and manage your workers and groups.

Easy Integration

Integrate easily into your Enterprise Applications using our REST API


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Alegion is the ultimate Enterprise Crowdsourcing Tool!

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