Data Annotation for Security

The ability of security organizations to effectively monitor their premises has grown with the rise of AI, which has enabled the automation of threat and theft detection. Labeling scores of video frames is often necessary to ensure models are accurately detecting the difference between benign and threatening subjects.

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The Security Industry

Alegion AI provides powerful video annotation software, a team of data experts, and a workforce to help you scale up any machine learning initiative to keep your organization, employees, and customers safe. Annotation is a process of labeling data points with relevant information to train machine learning models for a variety of tasks in the security industry. These tasks include:
  • Object detection: This involves identifying and locating objects in images or videos. AI models can be trained to detect objects such as people, vehicles, and weapons.
  • Person identification: We identify individuals in images or videos. AI models can be trained to identify people based on their facial features, gait, or other unique characteristics.
  • Behavioral analysis: This is for understanding the behavior of people in images or videos. AI models can be trained to identify suspicious behavior, such as loitering or tailgating.
  • Threat detection: This detection identifies potential threats in images or videos. AI models can be trained to detect threats such as weapons, explosives, or suspicious activity
  • Fraud detection: This is to pinpoint fraudulent activity, such as credit card fraud or insurance fraud. AI algorithms can be trained to detect fraudulent activity by analyzing data such as purchase history, transaction patterns, and social media activity.

Data annotation in the security industry is hard. It requires a deep understanding and ability to identify subtle patterns. We guarantee the expertize and accuracy needed at a reasonable cost.

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Benefits of A.I. in Security

Alegion' AI's Accurate Data Annotation

The benefits of AI data annotation for the security industry are significant. It can improve the accuracy and efficiency of security systems and reduce the risk of security breaches. Here are some of the specific use cases of AI data annotation in the security industry:
video surveillance in security

Video surveillance

We use annotated video footage to teach the machine-learning model to detect and track objects and people, identify suspicious activity, and flag potential threats.
access control in security

Access control

Using annotated data, we train AI models to read door access logs, facial images, and other biometric data to identify authorized and unauthorized users.
cyber security


We teach AI with annotated data to analyze network traffic and identify malware samples, and other security threats to detect and prevent cyberattacks.
infrastructure security

Critical infrastructure protection

AI models can be trained using annotated data to secure critical infrastructure assets, such as power plants, dams, and pipelines, to detect and prevent attacks.
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For the Security Industry

Alegion AI has done extensive data labeling work in the security industry, especially when it comes to loss prevention. For one global security company, we secured their home premises by identifying the difference between animals and humans in a variety of scenes. For another global retailer, we helped prevent shoplifting at checkout by localizing and identifying the relationship between hands, hand scanners, and grocery items.

Retail Grocery Cashier

Loss Prevention

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