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AI-enabled software and technology companies turn to Alegion AI for our breadth of services and expert knowledge in a variety of data annotation use cases. We make editing tools in a productivity platform leverage on optical character recognition to build powerful search functionalities and enable companies to get their machine-learning models off the ground.

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Our Complete Annotation Services for

The Software Industry

When you offer AI-centered software and hardware, Alegion AI can ensure it performs as intended with a foundation built on ground truth data. AI data annotation is used in the software industry for a variety of tasks, such as:
  • Natural language processing: AI can be used to understand and process natural language, such as text and speech. This requires labeling data points such as the sentiment of a text, the topic of a conversation, or the entities mentioned in a document.
  • Image recognition: An AI model can be used to identify objects and scenes in images. This requires labeling data points such as the type of object, the location of the object, and the size of the object.
  • Machine translation: The technology can be used to translate text from one language to another. This requires labeling data points such as the source language, the target language, and the meaning of the text.
  • Identify fraudulent activities: Machine-learning models can be used to identify fraud, such as credit card and insurance fraud. This requires labeling data points such as the customer's purchase history, the customer's IP address, and the customer's credit score.
  • Customer segmentation: AI can be used to segment customers into different groups based on their demographics, interests, and purchase behavior. This requires labeling data points such as the customer's age, gender, income, and purchase history.

Accurate annotation is labor-intensive and time-consuming but essential for the success of an AI models. We guarantee the accuracy needed for your project at a reasonable cost.

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Benefits of A.I. in Software

Alegion AI's Accurate Data Annotation

Here are some of the benefits of using data annotation in the software industry:
Improved Accuracy in software AI models

Improved Accuracy

AI models trained on well-annotated data are more accurate. This leads to better decision-making, more accurate fraud detection, and personalized customer experiences.
reduced cost in software AI models

Reduced Cost

AI can help to reduce the costs of software development and testing. It can be used to automate tasks such as natural language processing and image recognition.
improved time to market

Improved Time to Market

AI data annotation can shorten the time to market for new products and services by training and testing new models more quickly than human experts.
Better services in software AI models

Improved Customer Service

A well-trained model with accurate annotation can make personalized product recommendations that are to the customer and provide real-time support.
Maximizes your AI benefits with our accurate annotation services
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For the Software Industry

We work with startups to Fortune 500 companies. In one use case, Alegion AI delivered segmented and classified TV viewers’ poses to enable a computer vision model to generate customer insights for a streaming TV platform.

Alegion AI’s annotation services help companies execute machine learning initiatives with the highest quality training data.


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