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With the advent of increasingly sophisticated machine learning models, Alegion engineers saw a gap in the market. There was no robust training data service that could handle the complexity and volume of annotations required with sufficient accuracy.

Today, we help businesses scale up data volumes with an end-to-end managed service, which turns unstructured data into high-quality, model-ready training data through our team of data experts, use of AI-powered annotation platforms, and a network of skilled global workforce.

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Our Team

Alegion AI's leadership team is made up of engineers, data scientists, business leaders, and entrepreneurs with decades of cross-disciplinary experience. We are committed to excellent customer service and supporting responsible AI solutions.

Our Impact

We employ annotators with the goal of providing dignified work through fair wages and skills for career empowerment. Many of our communities are socioeconomically disempowered, so we work with global impact sourcing partners to provide employment for underprivileged communities. We have also established our own Impact Centers or community work and training centers in Uganda and Egypt.

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We would like to hear from you. Whether you are curious about what we do and how we can help build your AI model, feel free to reach us here.

Alegion AI provides a fully managed data annotation service for data science teams. We can offload some or all of your workload. We also optimize annotation parameters to deliver your desired data in a guaranteed quality.

Let's get in touch. We will match your project to a qualified workforce of annotators and deliver annotations according to your quality, budget, and timeline requirements.

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