Data Annotation for Hospitality

The hospitality industry, like many other industries, is increasingly utilizing AI to improve the experience their customers receive. Machine learning can create the perfect guest experience with frictionless booking, virtual assistance chatbots, and AI-powered food delivery robots.

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The Hospitality Industry

Companies today need a strong foundation of labeled data on which to build their machine-learning models. Accurate data annotation can train machine learning to help the hospitality industry in a variety of ways, including:
  • Personalized recommendations: We use annotated data to train AI using previous bookings, customer preferences, and social media activity, to recommend hotels, restaurants, and travel experiences to consumers. 
  • Upselling and cross-selling: We train AI to use annotated data from previous customer purchases to recommend additional products or services that the client may be interested in and to increase sales. 
  • Revenue management: Machine learning algorithms can be trained on data about hotel occupancy rates, room prices, and competition rates, to predict demand and adjust prices to maximize earnings.
  • Inventory management: AI can be trained using annotated data on food and beverage inventory levels, sales, and client demand to assist in optimizing inventory levels and cutting costs.
  • Staff scheduling: To assist in optimizing their staff schedules, AI models can be trained on data regarding employee availability, abilities, and preferences. This helps to cut costs & increase employee productivity.

Accurate annotation is labor-intensive and time-consuming but essential for the success of an AI models. We guarantee the accuracy needed for your project at a reasonable cost.

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A.I. Use Cases in Hospitality

With Alegion AI's Accurate Data Annotation
Here are some of the specific use cases of data annotation in the hospitality industry:
Image Annotation for Hospitality

Image Annotation

We annotate images with data about the objects, people, and scenes for tasks such as room cleaning, customer identification, and food preparation.
Text Annotation for Hospitality

Text Annotation

In this process, we label text about the sentiment, topic, and entities for tasks such as sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and customer segmentation.
Audio Annotation for Hospitality

Audio Annotation

The labeling of audio with data about the speakers, topics discussed, and emotions shown are for tasks like emotion detection, speech recognition, and customer service.
Video Annotation for Hospitality

Video Annotation

We annotate videos with data about the objects, people, and scenes in the videos to train AI for tasks such as video surveillance, object tracking, and action recognition.
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For the Hospitality Industry
Leading hospitality companies have turned to Alegion AI to provide them with reliable training data. AI implementations within the hospitality industry will provide businesses with the ability to automate manual tasks and focus resources on the heart of hospitality: exceptional service.
hospitality scene classification

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