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Our data services across computer vision and natural language applications, support dense annotation requirements for video, image, audio, and text with complex and dynamic classifications and relationships.
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Data annotation is the process of labeling or tagging data to make it understandable and usable for AI and ML algorithms. It involves adding metadata, categorizing data, and marking key elements within a dataset. 

Here are just several types of data annotation services we provide:

Annotation & data services for Image Editing

Image Annotation for Computer Vision

This involves labeling objects, shapes, and features within images. Common tasks include bounding box annotation (drawing rectangles around objects of interest), polygon annotation (precise outlining of objects), and semantic segmentation (assigning pixel-level labels).
Annotation & data services for Video Editing

Video Annotation for Object Tracking

In this annotation, objects are tracked across multiple video frames. This is invaluable for various applications like security surveillance, autonomous vehicles, sports analysis, inventory tracking, construction safety compliance, action recognition, and so much more.
Annotation & data services for NLP

Natural Language Annotation for LLM

Natural language annotation services help train Large Language Models (LLM) to understand and generate text. Tasks include named entity recognition (identifying entities like names, dates, and locations), sentiment analysis, and text classification.
Annotation & data services for  Speech Recognition

Audio Annotations for Speech Recognition

This involves transcribing and annotating audio data to enhance speech recognition systems. It's crucial for applications like voice assistants and transcription services.

High-quality & accurate annotations improve model performance, reduce bias, and enhance user experiences.

Our commitment

We annotate data with guaranteed accuracy.

What makes us different?

Our differentiating factor

There are other data annotation service providers worldwide. We distinguish ourselves in the following ways:
Instance and semantic segmentation

Data Service with Scalability

We can rapidly scale annotation work by engaging thousands of skilled data labeling specialists in the US and/or across the globe within days. Project-specific needs for languages, geographic limitations, certifications, clearances, and subject matter expertise can be sourced to meet your requirements.
Skill to annotation accurately

Pre-trained Skills

Through our workforce partner network, we have access to various skills and capabilities across all continents. If needed our workforce partners can recruit particular talents from IT and Computer Science academies. They are pre-trained in computer vision and NLP tasks and understand the specific nuances of each client project.
Quality guaranteed

Data Services with Guaranteed Quality

We guarantee accurate data annotation with built-in quality assurance. Our experts take the time to understand your goals & establish a sophisticated annotation strategy. We optimize until your model reaches a higher caliber of performance.
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Let's succeed in your AI Project at an optimal cost with guaranteed accuracy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house services cover the entire machine-learning lifecycle. The scope of work invites questions. Hence, we have prepared the below FAQs:
We can annotate all major types of video, raster image, audio, and text data. Common formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, GIF, PNG, HEIC, TIFF, GIF, TXT, M4A, and MP3. If files are not compatible, we can validate and convert files to the appropriate annotation format without losing quality. Learn more about our video formats with our video annotation types documentation.

Our global partner network allows us to scale our end-to-end annotation & collection services to meet your requirements.

Why we're different

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