AI/ML projects stall at different stages
Source: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Projects Are Obstructed by Data Issues, May 2019 research by Dimensional Research, sponsored by Alegion

Annotation services get stuck with data issues

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Our Approach to Annotation Services

with human intelligence

Humans-in-the-loop (HITL) annotation can bring human intelligence to machine learning models that have limited contextual knowledge. You will be guided through project set-up, workflow configuration, project management, worker training, and quality review by a highly qualified workforce and a specialized project management team.
Mission Centric Approach to Annotation Services

Mission-Centric Service

AI/ML projects are the future tech investments to advance mankind’s well-being. That’s why we are passionate about it. Our data experts are committed to addressing AI issues.
Quality Approach to Annotation Services


Quality is built into our service by collaborating closely at every step of the process. We also build a classification ontology and annotation strategy to meet project requirements in the discovery phase.
Cost Efficient Approach to Annotation Services

Cost Efficient Annotation

We deliver thousands of annotations quickly and cost-effectively through a combination of annotator training, intuitive annotation workflows, and intelligent tools to increase annotation efficiency.

Our approach enables us to deliver any volume of annotations for a wide variety of use cases across industries.

Our commitment

We annotate data with guaranteed accuracy.

How it is done

Our Process to Annotation Services

Our services cover the entire machine-learning lifecycle. We are your data partner as you iterate and optimize your model. Our data annotation process starts with annotation optimization and then brings on experienced professionals for task design and deployment, annotation, and quality verification. Throughout the process, we continuously calibrate the project for quality improvement.
Our Approach Methodology
QC Checks

We start by analyzing your representative sample data and delivering a proof of concept based on your goals and requirements. Together, we set and optimize the annotation requirements, which will determine the number and types of annotations for each image, frame, or other data type. We will also structure the classification ontology to identify the appropriate object relationships.

After we determine the best segmentation types and ontology, we build out a few different annotation workflows for our annotators. We consult with our annotators and use A/B tests to determine the most intuitive way for our annotators to label objects to ensure annotation efficiency and accuracy.

Our Workforce to Annotation Services

To support your needs

Our workforce partner network, Alegion AI's Global Workforce, provides access to up to a million skilled annotation workers in the US and across the globe, supported by Alegion AI’s project managers, data engineers, and quality assurance teams. For each project, data engineers create and iterate upon your project’s annotation strategy and a dedicated project manager oversees the success of your project from start to finish.

All completed annotations go through our quality assurance teams, who ensure annotators have the training and ongoing resources they need to succeed. We use automated in-platform reviews and quality assurance mechanisms to strengthen the process of the quality assurance team. We provide self-service review technology where clients can review and accept annotations and provide feedback to the project team.

AI/ML Projects with Pre-trained professionals

Pre-trained Professional Annotators

Our workforce partners can recruit very specific talents. For complex annotation projects, we recruit annotators from IT and Computer Science academies. They are pre-trained in computer vision and natural language processing tasks. Workers are then trained to understand the specific nuances of each client project, and must qualify for each project based on high-accuracy threshold tasks.
AI/ML Projects with productivity on a global scale

Productivity on a Global Scale

Our workforce can scale up to over one million skilled data labeling specialists in the US and across the globe. We have workforce partners distributed across all continents. Project-specific requirements for languages, certifications, clearances, and subject matter expertise can all be sourced to meet your requirements. We work with annotation partners in the US and Europe for any federal and/or healthcare projects that require HIPAA, ITAR, EAR, GDPR, and SOC 2 compliance.
AI/ML Projects with Guaranteed Quality

Reviewing Work for Guaranteed Quality

Throughout the annotation process, we constantly monitor and optimize annotator performance with QA best practices like ground truth and/or reviewer scoring. As annotations are submitted, clients can use Review Technology to review and accept the annotations. Through a combination of in-platform scoring, Alegion AI's quality control, customer review, and continuous project calibration, our annotation workforce is prepared to deliver at the scale and quality that your project requires.
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Our global partner network allows us to scale our end-to-end annotation & collection services to meet your requirements.

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