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AI Training Data

Build large scale training data sets using Alegion’s quality assured data enrichment.

Model Validation and Scoring

Test, verify, and improve through the entire AI lifecycle using Alegion’s flexible work distribution to explore new use cases and cross check results.

Exception Handling

Send operational anomalies and low-confidence results to an on-demand ‘human in the loop’  to achieve production quality targets using Alegion.

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Finding the ‘Right’ Data to Train your AI Is Getting Easier
April 27, 2018

A recent article in The Register explored the increasing role of humans and how they come into play when training AI. The article, written by Danny Bradbury, noted that there is “an expanding ecosystem of humans in the machine-learning feedback loop who keep the machines on track.” Not surprisingly, Alegion was cited as a prime example of this trend. The company possesses a legion of skilled, on-demand workers from around the world, enabling it to consistently deliver quality and scale to its customers.  This is important, suggested Bradbury, not only at the outset when the training data is created, but also because…Read More

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Gartner: Artificial Intelligence Demands That CIOs Foster a Data-Literate Society
April 13, 2018

The headline tells the story. CIOs are increasingly recognizing the value of high-quality training data as they embrace their artificial intelligence initiatives, according to the industry experts at Gartner, Inc. The analysts at Gartner recently published the following white paper, which Alegion is excited to make available to you at the following link: https://content.alegion.com/resources/artificial-intelligence-demands-cios-foster-data-literacy-gartner-report Alegion matches manual digital tasks from large companies with its host of skilled, on-demand workers, delivering unprecedented quality and scale to its customers. “Behind every judgement and every task is a real person,” said Alegion CEO Nathanial Gates. “He/she is using their knowledge, skill, and experience to…Read More

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With Alegion, we were able to scale our image tagging efforts substantially. Processes that used to take weeks are now finished in hours.

Brian CrossDirector Digital Assets and Licensing, Conde Nast

Alegion gave us the scale to process thousands of social messages each day. Trying to do this internally or with an outsource provider wouldn’t have been logistically or financially feasible.

Trey RobinsonSVP Marketing Charles Schwab