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Alegion AI is the trusted and most reliable company in the data collection and annotation market. We can be the game-changer for you too.

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Common Issues

Challenges in Data Annotation and Acquisition Projects

About 33% of machine learning projects get stuck during the proof of concept stage.
Employee Skillsets
Missing the right skill sets and expertise to annotate accurately.
Too costly to acquire the skill set, tools, and execute in-house.
Cloud database
Insufficient quality or not the right data for labeling/annotation.
human resource
Inability or unfeasible to scale the team to the required size for a project.

Our data annotation & data collection services empower your AI through skilled workforces, quality data and proven partnerships.

Our commitment

We annotate complex data with guaranteed accuracy.

What we offer

Data Annotation Services

Teaching a computer to see is a complex and painstaking process. We offload your data annotation needs with speed and accuracy by utilizing our managed workforce experts for Data Collection, Annotation and Quality Control.
Robotic Manufacturing
Data Annotation in Manufacturing

Data Collection

We begin the process by defining the project's goal, specifying the ML problem statement, and identifying a reliable dataset either from your data library archives or through acquisition.
Sports Analysis
Data Annotation in Sports Analysis

Data Annotation & Labeling

We optimize annotation parameters to deliver the desired data. The project is matched to a qualified workforce of annotators to deliver annotations according to the quality, budget, and timeline.

Consumer Study
Data Annotation in Consumer Study

Data Transformation & Quality Checks

Throughout the project, we calibrate the project with continuous quality improvement. Our Quality Assurance team addresses quality issues as soon as they are found to prevent costly delays.

Our global workforce lets us scale up our end-to-end data annotation & collection services to meet your requirements

Simply put, we build better data for you to power better AI.

Why we're different

Quality Data for AI Projects

Our value proposition

Alegion AI transforms unstructured data into high-quality, model-ready training data through our team of data experts, AI-powered annotation services, and a skilled global workforce.

Home NLP

Validated Solutions

Every use case is different. Our experts take the time to understand your goals & establish a sophisticated annotation strategy. We optimize until your model reaches a higher caliber of performance.
Annotation on Parking Lot

Faster Delivery Time

Our AI-powered tools reduces annotation time by up to 50%. Our workflow has direct feedback from annotators to ensure task efficiency. We can scale the team to dozens or hundreds of skilled workers.
Annotation on Concert Artists

Competitive Pricing

We can reduce the cost of highly complex annotation projects through intuitive annotation software, optimized task design, proven workflow configuration and a globally sourced workforce.
Annotation on Medical Scans

Responsive Partnership

We operate on principles of excellent customer service and a commitment to responsible AI. Our team is reachable throughout the entire data preparation pipeline and workflow.
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Let's succeed in your AI Project at an optimal cost with guaranteed accuracy.
Alegion AI is friendly, supportive, and willing to dig into the problem to come up with a clean solution. They use pre-existing software and workforce to get our project off the ground quickly.
Michael Jamieson, AI Reserach Manager at Sportlogiq
High-quality training data is key to the development of our Artificial Intelligence model. Alegion AI's annotation, machine learning assistance, and quality control strategies have accelerated our training data preparation and greatly improved confidence in our AI initiatives.
Steve Muscarello,  Chief Commercial Officer  Insurance Auto Auctions
How to start

4 Steps to Kick Start

We help product, engineering, and data teams in leading enterprises deliver highly accurate annotations at cost-effective scales. We can help you build an AI machine-learning model for creating strategies to increase revenue. Here is how to start.
Let's talk. Connect with our AI/ML experts. We work with customers ranging from emerging startups to Fortune 50 companies. Good AI Machine Learning models and a robust training data will equip you to be a better business leader or a data scientist.

Free Preliminary Consultation

Our experts will take the time to understand your goals & establish a sophisticated annotation strategy. Whether we’re analyzing drone footage or customer generated images, we can provide the data for your model to get smarter and faster.

Set Goals & Objectives

We have the capacity and skill to meet your needs with data annotation tasks. That means you can focus on engineering a comprehensive learning solution without consuming scarce and costly in-house data science resources.

Annotate your AI/ML Project

Having a deep AI/ML learning solution with meaningful and accurate data means you can strategize, make better decisions, improve the speed of business, personalize your service, and expand your business model. It's time to go next-level.

Transform & Grow Your Business with AI

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We will talk you through the 4 steps and gain insights from your AI Machine-Learning project.

A Proven Approach to Accuracy

Our Methodology
Our in-house data annotation and labeling services cover the entire machine-learning lifecycle so that we can be your data partner as you iterate and optimize your model. This is how we do it.

Our Annotation Process

Workflow Management

Multi-Stage Workflow Configuration
Automated Data Pipeline
ML-Assisted Learning

Workforce Management

Vetted Global Workforce
Procure, Train, Enable
Effective Task Distribution

Managed Quality Control

Ground Truth, Review, Consensus
Iterative QC Process
Visualized Results & Reporting

Raw Data

Model-Ready Training Data

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Icon Videos
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Icon Audio
Icon Computer Vision
Computer Vision
Icon Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing
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Entity Resolution
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Learn how our approach can help you reduce delivery time and cost.
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Trusted Across Industries

Serving Different Sectors

Alegion AI's data annotation services are the foundation for AI Machine Learning across a wide range of industries.

Annotate to create game-changing analytics

Sportlogiq, a company that uses artificial intelligence to provide sports analytics for team performance insights and enhanced media storytelling , needed a high volume of data annotations to increase the accuracy of a player tracking system. They used Alegion AI’s end-to-end managed service to optimize their annotation strategy, scale up annotations to 200,000 data points, and ultimately increase model accuracy by 70%.

Annotate to boost productivity, quality & safety

Invisible AI is a visual intelligence platform that tracks human motion to monitor the safety and productivity of manufacturing sites. The company needed a high-volume labeling service to supercharge an open source pose estimation dataset. They used Alegion AI’s end-to-end managed service to scale up annotations to 3,432,000 in 11 months and increase model accuracy to 79%.

Annotate for Theft & Inventory Management

Annotation is a common solution for retail and e-commerce clients who need training data to save money on operational costs. One customer used Alegion AI to annotate hundreds of thousands of video frames, saving the grocery chain millions of dollars in theft and administrative errors.

Annotate for Insurance Claim Assessments

Whether we’re analyzing drone footage or customer-generated images, we can provide the data for your model to get smarter, and faster. A global insurance client saved millions of hours in home damage claim assessments by using Alegion AI to identify classes of roof damage and draw specialized polygons around fallen trees.

Other Industries

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