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AI Training Data

Build large scale training data sets using Alegion’s quality assured data enrichment.

Model Validation and Scoring

Test, verify, and improve through the entire AI lifecycle using Alegion’s flexible work distribution to explore new use cases and cross check results.

Exception Handling

Send operational anomalies and low-confidence results to an on-demand ‘human in the loop’  to achieve production quality targets using Alegion.

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Measurement Bias
December 11, 2018

Let’s tie a bow on this thing. To review, we’ve talked about the model, sampling, and prejudice. The final type of bias we will discuss is the most fundamental. In the other posts on data bias it was assumed that the data – with or without biased content – was accurately captured. This final post is about distortion stemming from the data’s collection or creation.

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The Agile AI Way - Part 2
December 4, 2018

The so-called waterfall method of building software was responsible for some very high-profile product flops in the 1980s and early 1990s. And today, enterprises run the same dramatic risks by using these outdated development methods on their AI initiatives.

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With Alegion, we were able to scale our image tagging efforts substantially. Processes that used to take weeks are now finished in hours.

Brian CrossDirector Digital Assets and Licensing, Conde Nast

Alegion gave us the scale to process thousands of social messages each day. Trying to do this internally or with an outsource provider wouldn’t have been logistically or financially feasible.

Trey RobinsonSVP Marketing Charles Schwab