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On-demand human and machine intelligence to gather and enrich your AI Training Data  & monetize Digital Content

Artificial Intelligence Enablement

Train your AI projects with human and robotic based inputs to improve results and save data scientist time.

Content Moderation

Actively monitor user-generated content to protect your brand and customer experience.

Content Tagging

Add metadata and context to content to make your data more valuable and relevant.

Data Collection & Enrichment

Gather, enhance, and validate information to know your customer and expand your reach.

Data Categorization

Organize and categorize data to make your data more useful and accessible.

Custom Solutions

Utilize our immense virtual workforce to tackle your digital workloads.

Why Work With Alegion?
Integrated Quality Control
Speed to Launch
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Combined Human & Machine Intelligence
Featured Blog Posts
How Artificial Intelligence Is Edging Its Way into Our Lives
March 15, 2018

Artificial Intelligence is thriving. Cars are driving themselves. We’re talking to things in our house.  Smartphone apps can now recognize faces in photos and translate from one language to another. The possibilities seem endless. Take Facebook as an example—using A.I. to fight troublemakers. Weeding out false news may also become a reality, thanks to machine learning algorithms. Then there are those who think China is positioning itself to dominate the A.I. age. Others point out, though, that the U.S. has a “30-year head start” in A.I. development. Eventually, the debate between regulation and non-regulation will heat up. Added to that…Read More

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Venture Capital Firms Use Artificial Intelligence to Sift Through Investment Opportunities
March 13, 2018

Rarely late to the party, venture capital firms are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to sift through potential investments, and the results are impressive. Roberto Bonanzinga, co-founder of InReach Ventures, told the paper that his job “used to be about getting on a plane once a week and going to a different European city to try to find people who were doing interesting things. I would look at 50 companies a day, maybe 1,500 a month, and, of those, maybe 100 would get to the next level,” he said. “We would do one deal a month.” The full article…Read More

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With Alegion, we were able to scale our image tagging efforts substantially. Processes that used to take weeks are now finished in hours.

Brian CrossDirector Digital Assets and Licensing, Conde Nast

Alegion gave us the scale to process thousands of social messages each day. Trying to do this internally or with an outsource provider wouldn’t have been logistically or financially feasible.

Trey RobinsonSVP Marketing Charles Schwab