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Have you ever wanted to help someone acquire a skill or get a job they desperately wanted or needed?  At Alegion, we match up manual digital tasks from large companies with a legion of skilled, on-demand workers around the world. We deliver quality and scale to our customers while providing hope through work to the crowd.  But, when using automated processes, it’s easy to forget that behind every judgement and every task is a real person. He/she is using their knowledge, skill, experience to not only complete a task, but also provide context, emotion and humanity that machine intelligence cannot achieve.  At Alegion, we do not take the person for granted. We serve both the worker and the customer to provide a model for a sustainable distributed labor marketplace.


Alegion’s leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs, technology veterans and social and community leaders bringing decades of experience at Fortune 100 and emerging start-ups. We have seen the rise of cloud and the on-demand marketplace and understand its impact on the traditional labor paradigm.

Nathaniel Gates – CEO

Nathaniel Gates is career technology worker and entrepreneur focusing on the Cloud Computing and Cloud Labor spaces.  Nathaniel co-founded Alegion in 2012 and now serves as its CEO and an industry evangelist.   Prior to Alegion, Nathaniel founded Cloud49, a successful cloud computing solutions provider focused on the public sector.  Nathaniel has a passion for providing next generation work opportunities to people around the world who demonstrate a willingness to work hard for themselves and their families.   Nathaniel lived and worked in Alaska for 36 years prior to moving to Austin, Texas with his family in 2012.   Nathaniel greatly enjoys this warmer climate with his wife Wendy, and their three children Caleb, Titus, and Lauren.



Chip Ray – CTO

Chip is Chief Technology Officer at Alegion.  He has a passion for building products that appear to defy gravity and solve tough customer problems.  Chip started out building solutions for film and broadcast post-production which led him deep into the dark realms of real-time filesystems and shared storage networks.  He spent many years leading a product group at NetApp building advanced storage products for the enterprise.  Prior to Alegion, he ran Product at NodeSource where he led the successful launch of an enterprise-grade Node.js solution. Chip has a love for building awesome teams which in turn create great products. All work and no play makes Chip a dull boy, so he likes to tempt fate on a slackline with his boys or wrench on his track-day Miata.


Cheryl Martin – Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Cheryl Martin knows that good data is essential to successfully applying Artificial Intelligence. Before joining Alegion as Chief Data Scientist, she spent 13 years as a Research Scientist at The University of Texas at Austin where she directed the Center for Content Understanding as well as a research group focused on decision support for cyber security. Before that, she worked at NASA’s Johnson Space Center on intelligent control for life support systems. She advocates pursuing continuous improvement and working to understand how data fits a problem. Cheryl enjoys being part of a great team with a common mission. She values service, and she volunteers in a number of community and education-focused roles. In her spare time, she loves nothing more than spending time with her family.


Yasser Farra – VP Engineering

Yasser Farra believes in collaborative product development that delivers superior customer value and creates raving fans. Yasser has 25+ years of experience leading technology teams from small organizations to Fortune 500 companies. In the last 10 years, Yasser has focused on practicing and coaching Agile leadership, building high-performing Agile teams, and guiding organizations to adopt a culture of team achievement, empowerment, mentorship, and continuous learning.  Yasser grew up in Damascus, Syria. He came to the US in 1983 to pursue a Bachelor’s degree at South Dakota State University. Three years later Yasser arrived in Austin where he earned a Master’s degree in Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Yasser lives in Austin with his wife and three daughters. When he’s not developing products or reading up on the latest technology, Yasser spends his time on fitness and traveling.


Wes Kranz – VP Customer Success

Wes is the VP of Customer Success at Alegion.  His organization is focused on rolling-out the red carpet for each and every customer.  Wes is a software company veteran with over 20 years experience building successful enterprise software companies.  He recently served as the Sr. Director of Product Management & Marketing at Embarcadero Technologies (acquired by Idera) and VP of Product Strategy & Marketing at Aquire (acquired by PeopleFluent).  Wes started his career as a Management Consultant with Arthur Andersen.  In his free time, you can find Wes with his wife and 4 kids enjoying Austin’s great outdoor activities, live music and local eateries.






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