Our Mission

Serve those around the world who want to work, or want to get work done.

The Human in the Loop

We do not take the worker hidden ‘in the loop’ for granted.
At Alegion, we work every day to build a company that redefines the modern workforce while leaving a positive footprint on the world. We are transforming how enterprises get tasks done, while transforming the way people work. Alegion removes the barriers of physical proximity by creating a marketplace where anyone with a desire to work can find it. Our role is to define and strengthen the process, ensure quality, measure performance, and deliver results.

When using automated processes, it’s easy to forget that behind every judgement and every task is a real person. He/she is using their knowledge, skill, experience to not only complete a task, but also provide context, emotion and humanity that machine intelligence cannot achieve.

At Alegion, we do not take the worker hidden ‘in the loop’ for granted. We serve both the worker and the customer to provide a model for a sustainable distributed labor marketplace.


We love a challenge and are passionate about addressing problems.
Alegion’s leadership team is comprised of entrepreneurs, technology veterans and social and community leaders bringing decades of experience at Fortune 100 and emerging start-ups. We have seen the rise of cloud and the on-demand marketplace and understand its impact on the traditional labor paradigm.

We love a challenge and are passionate about addressing problems with both technology and real people bringing their real experiences to bear against your tasks. Our commitment to you is to provide an unparalleled automated work product served by both technology and people.

We are privately backed by investors with successful startup-to-IPO track records who have seen the financial impact of Alegion on their portfolio companies, and are committed to shaping our world by helping people care for their families and find hope through work.