Using a combination of machine learning and human intelligence, our platform can transform your disconnected data into a clean, canonical record of entities, objects, and interrelationships. 

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Solving for complex Entity Resolution challenges requires human intelligence at scale. People understand natural variations in language, variations in imagery, contextual references, and behavioral patterns which are often essential in interpreting data inconsistencies. Whether reconciling likely duplicate entries, matching entities from disparate systems, or consolidating structured and unstructured data references, the combination of human and machine intelligence in our platform can produce a clean, canonical dataset. 

Accelerated Data Annotation

Scale your data labeling and increase accuracy without maintaining your own annotation tools or having to label any of the data.

Task and Workforce Management

Reduce costs and de-risk your model development with custom-configured task workflows and access to a global workforce, managed by our team.

Managed Data Quality Control

Increase data accuracy through human judgment consensus, gold data, dynamic escalations, and custom adjudication strategies.

Our platform qualifies and groups trained data specialists and distributes purpose-built data tasks to them. At any moment, there are thousands of specialists working on the platform. It also trains specialists on tasks, evaluates their progress and monitors them as they work. The AI in our platform makes specialists faster and more accurate, automatically comparing results and intelligently escalating the review of questionable data as needed.  And our project leads are experts at designing workflows that promote efficiency, scalability and data confidence.

Identity Recognition

Associating entities from multiple data sources of varying datatypes to a single real-world reference through pattern comparisons.

Record Linkage

Clustering records or occurrences corresponding to the same entity. Canonical matches are proposed based on language understanding, to link and deduplicate named entities.  

Ontology Resolution

Detecting and resolving semantic or taxonomy conflicts in cases of database integrations to the top-level ontology as defined by our customers.

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Solution Optimization
  • Requirements consultation
  • Custom task design
  • Workflow configuration
Task Management
  • API data transfer
  • Specialized workforce curation and training
  • Global task distribution
Data Enrichment
  • Object detection and classification
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Video object tracking

Quality Verification
  • Human judgment consensus
  • Gold data
  • Confidence scoring
  • Adjudication strategy

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