Alegion’s Video Moderation provides high volume pass/ fail moderation with optional rejection codes. Customers can customize the acceptability guidelines or choose from a default set. Video moderation is performed by cloud labor pools that are continuously assessed for accuracy and speed. Alegion moderation can achieve exceptional accuracy and can optionally provide timestamps to identify the violation in the video timeline.

How it Works

Video URLs are are passed to Alegion via our Moderation API. The video is then split into 90 second increments and then passed the moderation group. Each video clip is then shown to multiple workers simultaneously and their answers are compared. If the workers have reached a unanimous consensus, the moderation result is provided back to the customer. If the workers differ on their moderation judgement, a final arbitrator is tasked to make a determination. Arbitrators or a smaller group of workers that have demonstrated exceptional quality in the use case and can be trusted to make the correct judgement. Once the judgement is accepted, all of the previous workers scores are updated and the judgement is passed back to the customer. If the customer has optionally requested the timestamp or rejection code these will be included along with the video moderation result.

  • Social Media Video Files
  • Dating Website Profile Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Amateur Photojournalist Submissions
  • Body Cam Footage
  • Surveillance Footage
  • Cam Broadcasts
  • In addition to primary moderation, Alegion’s UGC moderation can be used to supplement algorithmic moderation. Workers can help train the algorithms or handle QA and exceptions if the algorithmic quality does not achieve the necessary level.
  • Moderation can be done ‘in-band’ in which the content item is not posted until the moderation result has been received, or ‘out of band’ in which the content is immediately posted, and then withdrawn if the moderation judgement returns a failure.